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Saskatoon is located in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada; Saskatoon continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.  Saskatoon is the business, agriculture, and research hub of Saskatchewan.  The city is home to the worlds largest independent Diamond Labratory developed by the Saskatchewan Research Council and the worlds largest producer of uranium (Cameco Corp).  Along with Cameco Corp., Areva Supplies 70% of the fuel for reactors around the world, the Potash Corp of Sask is one of the largest potash producers in the world. 

 The Canadian Light Source which is home to The Synchrotron, at the University of Saskatchewan is one of the few research light beam microscopes in the world. The world’s largest scientific project funded in Canada at over 200 million dollars. Saskatoon is also the headquarters for the Federated Co-operatives Ltd. The provinces largest company that reported annual sales of $10.8 billion in 2014.